Android Oreo 8.0 Update for Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260

Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 Android 8.0 Oreo update has recently been made available for the mobile users all over the world. Google has recently released the most enhanced and and advanced Android version named as Android Oreo. This release is officially known as Android 8.0 as its technical or numerical name.

Google previously shared their timeline for every preview that was planned to be released before the official release of Android Oreo. The good news is that now you can install and download latest android oreo update for Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 by following some simple steps. Read on to know more interesting features.

The second developer preview was released in the mid of June 2017, and the other developer previews were followed up in the month of July. The Android 8.0 public version was first tested and worked smoothly on Nexus, Android One and Pixel devices. As for the Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 users are concerened, they can benefit from this latest update in numerious ways. Other devices needed to wait until August for the official release of Android Oreo, to update them on the latest Android operating system.

The new notable visual changes

Android Oreo for Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 has some major visual changes in it. The users can witness the changes under the redesigned setting menu, yet, there are some tweaks to the overall User Interface like the ones that everyone can see in the notification shade. The Android 8.0 Oreo gives more importance to the background in the notification panel, and the users can see a significant change in them. This type of background change can let the Android users get a greater control of their Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260.

The picture within picture mode and the notification app badges are added to this preview release of Android Oreo 8.0. The unexpected addition of adaptive icons and a better Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 Bluetooth audio support are some extra bonuess that you get out of trying the new official version of Android Oreo.

Productive fluid experience

The Google will be providing a fluid experience for its Android users so that they can be more productive with their multitasking tools in their everyday usage.

The updated machine learning tool from Google, named as TensorFlow shall assist the lower powered devices to go easy with the new Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 update of Android Oreo. It makes use of a technique termed as LSTM, that shall improve the overall user experience with an Android device. The new Android 8.0 Oreo shall help in a new way of hardware acceleration, and support the device to be active even when the need to find an online server arises.

The following are some of the fantastic new features that every Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 Android Oreo users can enjoy after the successful installation.

  • A smart selection of text with a single click
  • Picture within Picture mode
  • Auto form filling
  • Notification dots on the Home Screen
  • Hopefully, the next preview version might have all these features on them.
  • Picture within Picture

Google has finally added the picture within picture mode in their new Android Oreo update for Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260. If you are playing a YouTube video and want to access other applications or whatsoever, without pausing the video, then you need to simply press down and hold the Home button from your device.

The video that has been playing in a full-screen mode within the YouTube shall convert into a small window and shall place on one side of your screen. This window will eventually have a cross button at the top of them so that you close them anytime without having the need to open the YouTube again. This type of navigation between the apps can be a user-friendly one. The best part about this picture within the picture mode is that you can slide the small screened video buffering to any part of your screen.

The Notification dots

The notification dots are not a new update for people who have been making use of the custom launcher in their mobile phones. Google is now building their own with the new Android Oreo. If you have any new notifications within an app, you can find a small dot kept on the app icon on your home screen. This says that you have active notifications within the Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 app.

Google doesn’t stop with just a dot; they are going to add some amazing feature to them. The Android Oreo users can long press these dots to get a list of actions that can be performed without the need to open the app. This type of feature can save your time as you can easily view the notification without opening the app itself.
Android oreos

Text selection made simple

Although the smart text selection is not a new one for an iOS user, it is definitely a worthy update for an Android user. This text selection feature can be used to dial a phone number instantly. There is no need to copy down the phone number and paste them in the dialer. You can just select the number, and then a small pop arises with the functionality you need to do with them.

Thanks to latest Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 oreo update, you can directly make a call or text to the number without going through the long copy and paste process. The same applies when you have selected address. The pop-up can be used to start the navigation to the selected address without copy pasting them around.

Filling out automatically

If you are making use of anything many times every day, then Android Oreo for Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 shall keep an eye on them and let you log in the next time without the need to fill out every mentioned from within the app. This feature can be a smooth butter if you are in need to make use of a password protected app many times a day. The Android 8.0 Oreo shall remember the username and the password for the particular application, and shall let you bypass them without having the need to type them manually.

The best battery saver update

Android Oreo for Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 is the only version of Android that has been released with a solution for the battery draining problem that millions of Android users have been facing recent times. If you are one among them, then you must definitely shift to Android 8.0.

This version of Android has been developed to monitor down your app usage and about the ones that can run eventually in the background, even when they are said to be closed manually by the user. The developer team from Google have scanned more than 50 billion apps that are used mostly by every Android user in the world.

Faster Reboot

The new Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 devices can reboot in half the time of their previous record, after updating to Android Oreo. The key goal of this feature is to prevent the apps from running for a long time in the background and reduce the overall battery consumption of any app that has installed on your Android device. With this feature, anyone can go through the day with a full charge, without the need to find a cable to charge them multiple times a day.

Google will install a new developer tool named as Play Console Dashboard to your Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 Android Oreo updated devices. This tool shall help in collecting the analytics about your app usage and shall send them to Google to work on ways to improve the overall performance. With this new tool, the developers shall no more have the need to report Google about a problem that happens within the app.

The Google knows it before them and secretly works with a team to solve them in no time. The in-depth tools from Google shall reduce the overall battery consumption in your Android device without notifying about them. These features cannot see virtually, yet, the users can feel the improved performance of their Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 after successful Android Oreo update.

Other notable Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 android oreo features

The font support is an added boost for people who like to text in different fonts, rather than sticking to the default ones. The users can easily download their favorite fonts and install them to their Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260.

The Wi-Fi awareness lets the Android device to communicate with the other device that has the same features installed on them. The major advantage of this is you can easily communicate with the other device without looking out for an internet connection to connect them.

The date and time shall look more condensed than before, and you can easily read them even when the direct sunlight hits upon the device. The notification bar remains the same like the ones from the Nougat. If your device gets multiple notifications at a time, then you can easily drag them down to get a horizontal line that shows a small pop up on the notification. If you find them unwanted, you can swipe them out to clear them from the notification bar. This certainly saves your time and the need to open an app to read about the notification.

Make a long press on the notification to toggle between some actions, that you can do without opening the app. For example, if you need to mute down notifications for a particular app, you can click on one notification from them to get a small menu that leads you to mute them for a period f time.

Now that you have known all the latest features of Micromax Canvas Evok Power Q4260 Android Oreo update, it’s time to update your device to the latest 8.0 OS and reap the maximum benefits out of your tech gadget.


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